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Paid social media campaigns

Why choose us?

Social media is about engagement. That’s our area of expertise. Understanding and engaging your market. Because social media is powered by people, not just digital technology.

Paid social media for B2B

For a professional B2B audience, LinkedIn is our go-to platform. Using Transform Communication’s experience of thought-leadership, we create content that attracts attention and results in action. Delivering you leads that are vital to your business.

Paid social media for B2C

The beauty of paid social media is that it’s scalable. If you’re a global brand you can reach an international audience. If you’re a local business you can connect with your community.

Stats & Facts for Digital Marketing in 2020

At Transform Digital, we say be where your audience already is. That’s why it’s important to be specific about who you want to attract and where they will likely hang out. We do this research before we even start recommending a platform.










Social Media puts the ‘public’ into PR and the ‘market’ into marketing.

Defining your audience

The data available on social media platforms enables you to target your marketing. And by measuring the response, you can refine and revise what you know about your customers. 

Different demographics
From age to gender. Income to homeownership. Education to experience. You can learn everything about your audience. 

Hobbies and interests
What else do your customers enjoy? What do they watch? Where do they eat? Where do they go on holiday? What do they do to relax and unwind?

Geography and location

With paid social media you can target the exact location of your campaign. Or you can target people who are going to – or have been to – a specific location. Even identifying those people who have visited – or are planning on visiting – this location. 


Connect with the people who have already shown an interest in your product or services. Convert them into loyal customers. 

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