Meet our team

Introducing Dan - Co-Founder & Director

It wasn’t long after Dan started at Transform Communications that he saw the potential to launch a sister company in the digital space. He’s worked with a multitude of digital agencies and often felt let down by what they delivered.

With our understanding of marketing strategy, combined with our knowledge and experience of digital, we add incredible value to clients. Delivering an integrated programme, all designed to meet business objectives.

Dan is about partnerships and collaboration. He’s run his own businesses and scaled technology companies, understanding the power of an integrated approach. Dan loves being out and about in the market, at industry events and conferences. At least when those are back on the agenda. Until then, he – like many other business leaders – is always available online.

You’ll often find Dan fishing on the banks of a river or one of the lakes he manages. His laptop and phone are never far from him. We’ve even had teleconferences from a boat when he’s sea fishing.